Tuesday, July 3, 2018


Changes are the new beginnings...

C is for the climax.
When life is heating up with twists and turns
And you realize it's time to make a comeback
You pick yourself up by the horns and realize it's time for something new!
Welcome to the tippy top of the roller coaster's lift hill...

H is for healing.
You're about to shoot down the almost 90 degree drop and feel the adrenaline rush.
There's no turning back now.
To get better is to accept what's happening in the present moment and seek help if needed.
Please take care of yourself!
You are not on this ride alone.

A is for taking aim,
Controlling where the next shots are fired.
The air is what keeps you alive;
Don't forget to breathe!

N is for negating.
Not being negative, 
But eliminating wasted people or space from your life.
Sometimes, less is more,
But make sure your glass is half full at all times!

G is for goodbye.
Good game to the haters.
Good game to the ones who think you're too much.
And goodbye to those who don't care!
You are worthy sharing your adventures with those who genuinely want to join in on the fun.
Those people exist in the open spaces you thought were hidden.
The light is closer than you think!

E is for the end.
The end to this old pile of garbage
And hello to a new world and a new beginning. 
The starting over shall commence;
Time to embrace it!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

March Onward

What did I do to deserve this life?
The answer is nothing...

No substance can mask the pain.
No exercise is helping any gains.
No beautiful day will help the sun stay.

Running away from home to find solace while spending my time alone,
I look to my windowless room for light only to see glow in the dark stars among the paint-chipped ceiling and rusty pipes shleided by neon lights and a colorful tapestry.

What is home?
It shouldn't be a tearful, bad vibe, or hostile space to receive 5 page-long text messages for lifeing instead of cleaning.
I try to clean the mess but the stains won't hide.

Walking inside I smell the foul air and feel the foul play I'm trying to keep at bay...
Outside of home I'm controlled by a green piece of paper that rules the world.
I want to save some for later but someone always seems to take the last slice.

The world shouldn't be limited to be seen from a screen hiding the true colors,
But if I barely have enough pieces of paper to fill my belly, how can I feed my eyes with the colors of the wind?
I'll paint it myself, of course!

But only this poem and these reflections can help me see light again!
What did I do to deserve this life?
The answer is nothing...
I'm just gonna march onward!

Saturday, May 12, 2018

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