Saturday, August 31, 2019

Overcome Your Past

Dear Beautiful Universe,

It is time to get over yourself. The past is the past for a reason and needs to stay behind. But that means letting go.

When you feel like you’re stuck and hit a life junction, you may wonder what is holding you back. Some of the time, it can be triggered by a negative experience that happened long ago. But memories don’t leave…

The negative experiences all happened for a reason. You can’t let them rule you. Instead, you must use them as tools and lessons to be able to move onto new adventures. That means telling yourself it’s ok the negative event happened and analyzing the cause and effect of the event. After several positive experiences to counteract the negative experience, it is safe to say the negative experience is unlikely to occur again and you can retrain yourself to accept the positive experiences. This will help lead you to the ultimate gift of happiness, as long as you take your own advice!


Friday, August 16, 2019

Broken Record

I feel like my friends are tired of me telling them the same story over and over again...

It is past 4am
And I'm scrolling through my messages wondering who my next victim will be to hear about how I found another way to screw myself over.
I don't want to bother anyone,
But my instincts tell me to message someone before I shove more artificialness through my mouth because I haven't been to therapy in 2 weeks...

It would be nice if someone could hold my hand and tell me everything would be ok, but I've held my own hand the last 4+ years.
While I don't regret it, I need to open the door instead of letting myself continue to drown...

"I'm a strong independent woman!"
I continue to chant that to myself as I try not to let myself cry.
The magicness is right next to me, but it's locked in the safe and I shouldn't go grab the key...

"I'm a strong independent woman!"
I continue to tell myself that while pushing unnecessary societal and familial pressures aside to keep myself afloat.
I am one to march to my own irrythymic heartbeat at my own pace and shall continue on my way to the golden roads!

"I'm a strong independent woman!"
I scream that to myself in the mirror as I look at my bare body, realize what I've done to it, and vow to be better.

I'm not a broken record.
You cannot shatter me as easy as glass breaks.
I may sound a little off, but I still am able to function.

I'm sorry the songs have some minor keys, but I'm not sorry for being me!
I'm not sorry for being free!
And I'm definitely not sorry for being different.

I have already walked away from the ridicule for it to follow me back to what is supposed to be home.

If I am a strong independent woman as I say, it is time to lay the layers, brick by brick, and pave my own golden roads!

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Review of Sugar Factory Rosemont

***Each category is out of 1 and is rounded to the nearest .1***

Cleanliness: 1 - The place looked pretty clean. Most of the tables were bussed. The place where my friend and me sat (at the bar top) was clean (thank the lord, I’ve been eating at so many dirty tables lately…)

Service: 1 - Jaz, the bartender, rocked! She was prompt and our drinks didn’t take forever!

Ambience: 1 - I liked the music and I can still talk to my friend without totally screaming.

Taste of Food/Drink: 1 - We split a fishbowl drink and I then had a martini. The drink looked appealing to the eye and tasted like a perfect balance of sweet and strong. The candy added a nice touch as well. The cotton candy went first! The martini was also pretty appealing and it tasted delicious. I was pretty full at that point, but I was still able to happily down it and enjoy it. The drink size was appropriate and the quality/aesthetic was pretty high.

Was it worth my money?: .5 - It’s a little pricey, but it is Rosemont (upscale Chicago suburb)… It was worth it and all, but I wouldn’t want to go there too frequently because I would drop way too much money because everything is so tasty! I’m sure it’s expensive because of all the bells and whistles for the drinks too, but it isn’t too too bad.

Overall: 4.5/5