Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Top 20 Quick and Easy and Healthy Meals and Snacks

Easy goto healthy recipes and snacks... NOT noodle bowls, cereal, or packaged/frozen meals (use sparingly)

1. Fried rice (cauliflower or brown rice)
2. Indian Food (ex Indian spiced lentils and veggies)/Curried Noodles
3. Burrito bowls
4. Buddah bowls
5. Tacos
6. Guacamole/Salsa
7. Hummus
8. Smoothies 
9. Coleslaw
10. Salads
11. Salmon (or other easy to cook on a pan fish) and serve with a grain and/or vegetable
12. Ramen or other soups (NOT from the package... Or at least don't use the flavor packet)
13. Lentil pasta (or bean pasta from jewel or trader Joe's) with marinara or xyz pasta sauce and parmesan cheese - can also homemake pasta sauce (optional)
14. Zucchini noodle stir fry (or regular noodle stir fry)
15. Chicken or Tuna Salad
16. Deli sandwiches
17. Eggs with cheese and taco seasoning
18. Chili
19. Grilled Chicken with brown rice
20. Rice and Beans (and other veggies + a protein)

Chasing Paper: A Millennial's Take on the Gig Economy

I haven't driven for rideshare (or a delivery service) in a couple months and have taken a recent break from working to reflect on life and get back into a career track again. Having lived on my own for awhile without a job, in order to maintain independence, I had to do something. But what did I do? How did I survive without having a scheduled job for 2.5 years?

When I first lost my job, I had some money left in my savings account, as well as some remaining checks to receive from the job. While that was all dwindling away, my friends told me I could make a living driving for Uber and Lyft as my new fulltime job. I thought I was doing fine, but I was burning a hole through my wallet and then some. My car needed a lot of repairs and gas cost a pretty penny. Having to full up several times a week and taking away the value from my car, I wasn't aware how much I was spending. After awhile of driving, I also wasn't taking care of myself because I felt the urge to chase paper. By that I mean I was driving myself to exhaustion and driving for unsafe amounts of time to make as much money as possible. I also gained the 60 pounds back I worked so hard to lose. I felt like I was fishing for scraps and not getting anywhere. Rideshare was winning and I was losing...

Eventually, I decided I needed to cut back on driving. The amount of money I lost exceeded the amount I made and I needed to find other ways to make money while excessively job hunting. Job hunting sadly had no use. I would find some jobs I'd take in any respect such as data entry, dog walking, and verifying background checks. Sadly, I took all of those jobs for the money and not for the passion and lost them all pretty quickly. In the interim of many failed jobs, I would take a bunch of day jobs from people I knew (luckily I know a lot of people), doing crazy things such as working a street fair at a friend's Mexican food and ice cream stand, cleaning houses, working merch tables for music shows, hanging posters, delivery driving, helping people move, and much more. I also sold a bunch of my belongings for some spare rent money. Sometimes, a few people, including my parents, would throw me some financial bones, but not really; I did not depend on help from others. It soon hit a point where I needed to drive to a minimum...

Down the road towards the end of my pure gig shindig, I "did not want to drive no more" and needed to find something else to do. While continuing to job hunt and do odd/day jobs, I eventually discovered the world of gig apps. A gig app is a website that runs on a mobile platform (application) where you can look up and pick up day (or multi day) gigs by clicking a button. Some of these apps are Shiftgig, Jobble, and Wonolo. There are also companies (staffing firms) that host day gigs such as Arete. For awhile I was able to survive solely on odd jobs and gigs, but it is quite the unstable and not necessarily sustainable life. I was in a lot of debt, I needed help (I eventually sought help from a social services place) because I was barely getting by, and I was "making too much to receive government assistance". I also couldn't afford insurance or to pay my student loans back (they're in deferment). It was super lame. I'd get thrown a few financial bones here and there, but not really. I'm sure people were sick and tired of hearing about me struggling for so long.

By the end of this stint, I was worn out, unhappy I had no stability, I gained a bunch of weight, I wasn't taking care of myself, and I eventually hit a dead end when the apartment I had got bedbugs. I completed a few endeavors in my field of choice, but most tasks I did were in the $11-15 an hour range, which isn't a ton of money. I eventually had to move back home, but could have continued to make it on my own had it not been for that. My rent was also extremely inexpensive.

Would I recommend this life to other people? Not really unless you were an entrepreneur or did higher paying gigs that didn't send you into debt... But I survived and that's all that matters!

Friday, September 21, 2018

Go the Fuck to Sleep

Go the fuck to sleep, Rebs!
It's 6am.
Why are you still awake?

"I can't sleep", says the mechanism in my brain churning constant creative thoughts...

Aimlessly scrolling through Facebook, I stumble upon the "Rezz" fan page.
I look through her page and find a motivational post about channeling positive energy into creating and envisioning success.

"What do I want to do with my life?" Says the mechanism in my brain wondering why I am where I am, being a waitress and an Uber driver, soul searching for my artistic dreams to come true...

I plowed through a newly downloaded music making program on my phone to figure out what kind of sound I want to project onto the universe.

In a world where people have to hide their true selves in order to fit in, those who wish to defy the unwritten laws of society end up ostracized like aliens from planet whoknowswhere;
They are left behind to flounder around until luck, opportunity, and dedication meet on the same street corner.

In my family, I was taught you were supposed to go to college, get a degree, work a mundane 9-5 job, go home, watch TV, go to bed, repeat.
I gave that life a shot with many embellishments attached and the only places it got me were fired or almost fired...
The only thing I have to show for college at this point is a certificate with my name on it and insurmountable debt.

Every time I try to give my soul to the man, a voice inside my head tells me, "no no no, what the the hell are you doing?"
Rezz indicated she's always been herself in order to climb to the top.

If the point of life is to be happy, why do so many people want to conform just to get by and feel miserable after?
Every time I am myself, I am satisfied and at my best.

I may need to take the unconventional route to success, but will still find it with many positive self affirmations and support from my friends!
Success doesn't have a time limit or a maximum age.

When I see people younger than me realizing their dreams, I have to keep telling myself everyone's path is different and each step forward is a baby step.

The path of the creator isn't for everyone, but if you want it, go for it! The choice is yours!

Go the fuck to sleep, Rebs!
It's 7am.
Why are you still awake?
I chose to follow the yellow brick road!
With time and patience, you may be pleasantly surprised where you end up!